About Rapid Eye

Rapid Eye was founded by Lee Williams in 1996 as an affordable London colour print darkroom, where photographers could experiment with ideas and techniques.

Over the years the darkroom has grown and sustained a community of like-minded photographers who strive to create interesting groundbreaking quality images which you will find in the best galleries, magazines and books around the world.

Based in the heart of London's Shoreditch, we are still going strong providing a stable hub for professional photographers, photography enthusiasts and students - everyone is welcome.

Lee Williams was born in Swansea on the first of Feb 1972. Had his first Polaroid Land camera at around the time that he was 9 years old. Lee became fanatic about cameras and started printing colour film in his bedroom by the time he was 12. 

Lee studied photography at Ty Coch College Swansea and then onto Bournemouth and Poole Art School. After college Lee got a place in a shared house in London with a few of his college friends. Lee founded Rapid Eye Darkrooms in 1996. A darkroom facility designed to emulate the services offered by Art Colleges to their students. A do it yourself darkroom which also offers professional film processing and printing.



Rapid Eye offers a full range of services to photographers, from  darkroom hirehand c-type printingcontact printsdigital c-type printing, retouching, and flat bed scanning.

You could benefit from all of these services by taking up one of our all-inclusive options.

We also work closely with individuals and educational institutes to provide high quality teaching and training through our in house printing workshops.

We believe in supporting and encouraging the next generation of photographers and offer many discounts to students.

And if we can't help you, we probably know someone who can.


"I love rapid eye. To have a Digital C-Type printer along side the darkroom is a perfect and efficient balance for my practice as a traditional photographer in a modern digital world."


"Good people, good quality and good price!"


"Rapid Eye holds a central place in my practice and I would be lost without it. The beauty of Rapid Eye is that it lets photographers take control of the production and output of their work from start to finish all under one roof in fantastic, friendly and expert company. Oh yeah and there's a great pub next door."