Book a Darkroom Weekdays

Book a Darkroom Weekdays

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Half Day Sessions are 4 hours long and start at 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Full Day Sessions are 8 hours and are from 10am till 6pm. 

You will need to have completed a darkroom workshop before you will be able to hire. Please do not book a darkroom without having done a workshop as refunds will not be given. 

Weekend Darkroom Sessions are 3 hours long and start at 12am and 3pm 


In notes at checkout.  If you require help at the beginning of the session setting up.  This is free but will be included in your session time.  


Cancellations and Rescheduling:

If your schedule changes a full refund will be given, but you will need to cancel the booking with a minimum of 24 hrs notice. 

You can cancel and reschedule through the link on your booking ticket.

Your bookings ticket will be automatically emailed to you.  There will be a link on your ticket to Reshedule or Cancel/Refund your booking.

The refund will take a few days to hit your account. 

Cancellation Policy.  This booking is chargable within 24hrs of the start time.



Please purchase paper and other darkroom consumables prior to your darkroom session to ensure we have stock ready for you on arrival.