Collection: Hasselblad Imacon Single Frame Film Scanning

  • Industry standard scanner, designed for mastering single images.
  • Will take 35mm, 120 and 4x5 film formats.

Please supply a digital brief when ordering these scans so we get to what you want the image to look like as accurately as possible.  You can use the upload link on this page.  

Print ready means we have adjusted the colour and the contrast of the scan to achieve an image as close to your requirements as possible.  This does not include any retouching.

Raw files are open detail in shadow and highlight and will need further work in Photoshop or other software to achieve the required colours and contrast.  

Clean Up means removal of any fine dust that has occurred during the scanning process.

Unless briefed otherwise.  Files will be provided full frame with black borders as Tiff files at 300DPI and in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space.  Clean Up if ordered will be made at 60% magnification.  Files will be delivered with We Transfer.

Any questions please call on 02077299292 or email

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