Collection: Project Room

Within the project room you will be able to produce colour prints by machine and B&W 'wet' prints using trays. You will have access to B&W diffuser and condenser enlargers, as well as colour enlargers, able to print from 35mm up to 10x8 negative. The maximum print size for colour resin, B&W resin and B&W fibre print is 20x24. 

To be able to use the project room you will need to complete a workshop for the type of printing you'd like to do; Colour printing, B&W resin, B&W fibre based wet printing etc. Those who want to use the space solely for colour machine printing, who are already a darkroom member and have partaken in the colour workshop previously, can rent the space for colour printing without taking part in another workshop. 

The space is available to use alone, or in collaboration with other specialist printers.  A maximum of 2 people at one time can use the space. For collaborations you can work with your own printer, (so long as they have done the appropriate workshop), a Rapid Eye in-house printer, or an accredited printer Rapid Eye will recommend, depending and suited to your project.

As time goes on, we will be adding different alternative printing solutions for techniques such as Cyanotypes, Platinum printing, Toning etc.

We are currently running workshops in colour printing and also B&W wet processing in resin and fibre. All materials are included in workshop price. 

House chemistry is included within the price although if you need a different type of chemical please specify and we will source or you can supply yourself.  A cost adjustment will be made if this is the case.

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